Top 5 simple plating tips to make home food look professional

Do you love watching top chefs plate food like art and present meals that look straight out of a royal dinner party and want to try all that at home? Are you an aspiring food blogger wanting to get the most perfect looking shots of the beautiful food you cook? Or do you just really want to impress your dinner guests with outstanding plating skills?

We present to you 5 simple tips that can make your food look as good as it tastes!

Tip number 1

Arrange your food in odd numbers.

Whenever you are serving any kind of countable food items like dumplings, momos, tikis etc; always follow the rule of the odds, i.e, serve in groups 3,5 or 7 etc. Somehow, it makes a plate look more refined and balanced.

Tip number 2

Keep it simple.

Confused, overfull plated food will look messy, complicated and unpolished. Keep your plating minimum and understand proportions. Plate enough to only fill less than half of the tableware. Also, garnish and add sauces only if necessary. Do not garnish with something that would ruin the taste, texture and feel of the dish. This will help your plates look more refined and sophisticated.

Tip number 3

Use contrasting colours.

We first eat food visually so it helps to add complementary colours to a plate to make it more aesthetic. Even just a simple lime wedge on a piece of fish will add a great sense of contrast and therefore create interest.

Tip number 4

Use height.

Pile on veggies on top of a bed of rice or a piece of protein. Stack components of a desert instead of spreading it out on a plate. This makes the food look more appealing and fresh. 

Tip number 5 

Be mindful of the crockery.

Avoid using busy designs and loud colours for your plates. Plain white plates look amazing and helps any food pop but you can also try edgy colours such as black, blue, green etc. Simple bands in pretty colours will look much more elegant than garish designs and motifs. Tiny designs look better on crockery rather than something huge. Remember, our food should be the focal point of your plate.

We are sure that you could easily plate like a pro if you keep these simple tips in mind.

What are some of your ideas? Do share with us. Happy plating!

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