10 Ideas To Keep Yourself Busy | Pandemic Diaries

A lot has been shared over social media to help us understand how can one get exposed to  Coronavirus and develop symptoms of COVID-19. 

We all seem to be aware of the precautions we have to take to avoid contracting the virus along with practicing social distancing to protect the people who are the most vulnerable around us, such as the elderly and persons suffering from chronic or respiratory illnesses. 

With information comes awareness and in case of some individuals it may lead to anxiety that can manifest itself into physical symptoms. Acute care has to be taken in times of a pandemic to ensure that this anxiety does not snowball into mass hysteria. 

In light of India declaring a nationwide lockdown until the 14th of April, the accessibility to medicines and healthcare throughout the country will be strictly managed and controlled to ensure treatment of only the the most genuine of patients.

We can do our own part to protect ourselves from succumbing to the torrent of information flooding our smartphone screens and involuntarily participating in causing anxiety for others as well as ourselves.

Here are some suggestions to help you stay distracted and calm;

  • Limit exposure to news and mainstream media, first step zero down on about 3 news media sources of your choice. Second step only check out these sources for your daily dose of information. Third step, allow yourself a strict limited amount of time to spend on these sources, advisable 30 minutes total in a day. Moreover turn off notifications on your phone and laptop from all news sources even the ones you subscribe to, control the flow of information in a timely manner to avoid getting bombarded all the time.
Catch up on shows online from the comfort of your home..
  • Binge watch, this is a great time to get started on online entertainment. There are numerous series and movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, MX player etc. Some of these platforms are free while most of them offer a free trial period of 1 month before subscription starts. 
  • If you can’t go outside go Inside, this one may sound hippy dippy but let’s be honest, we have all been meaning to dedicate some time to learning how to meditate. There are multiple forms of meditation and this would be the best time for your to discover which type of meditation works for you. Here are some apps to help you get started ‘Buddhify‘, ‘Calm’, ‘Headspace‘, ‘Aura‘ and ‘Simple Habit’.
Learn to play an instrument..
  • Music, soothes the ears and calms the soul. We rely on music in our normal day to day lives to get us through the grind, so why not rely on it to get us through this curfew as well. You can learn to play an instrument during this time and show off these newly acquired skills when it is safe to host a house party.
Make a new dish everyday..
  • Feed your soul, it’s a great time to be indulging in good wholesome comfort food. Learn to make curries, veggies and lentils accompanied by rice or flatbreads, styled differently everyday. Lots of time on your hands to perfect that elusive road roti as well, just saying. 
We have got to start somewhere..
  • Get your limbs moving with ‘house cleaning’, it is the best time to get those cobwebs off the ceiling, clean the fans, retrieve the book fallen behind the bed. This will help you sweat as get you stretching like never before. Moreover clean surrounding keep ill thoughts at bay and harbour positivity.
Study at home..
  • Get that certification, you finally have the time and inclination to emerge as a certified specialist in your choice of vocation. Coursera is a great place to get started on university offered modules and courses, while upGrad provides curated specialised courses with certification from universities and regulatory bodies. Udemy is also one such platform that offers courses from multiple vocations from professionals along with certification.
Explore indoor hobbies..
  • Rediscover your hobbies, this is one time that you can really indulge in undertaking those activities that give you immense joy as long as you have the means to perform them indoors. Or find new hobbies that may pique your interest. The internet is full of activities and information, find your niche interest area and explore away.
Play card games…
  • Spend quality time with loved ones, family is the most important thing in life, it is more true now than ever. There are so many things you can do to optimise the time you spend with your loved ones, playing games like Luda and Snakes and Ladders is definitely a great way to start, card games such as Big Fool or Rummy, Antakshari and Dumb charades. You can always reconnect with your friends and family over call or FaceTime.
Sleep like a baby…
  • Snooze, now that you are not pressed for time you can catch up on those extra ZZZZZZs. A good nights sleep has been proven to help reduce anxiety and calm the nerves. So sleep as much as you need for as long as you need and wake up feeling physically rested and mentally rejuvenated to take on another day in a Nationwide Lockdown.

It is a tough time but we can get through this, together.

What activities are you planning to keep yourself and your loved ones busy?

Ideas to keep you entertained and occupied…

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