Know your Mushrooms

Mushroom are allegedly the first food to be discovered by humans. These are as ancient in heritage as the humans. Mushrooms are also called toadstools which belong to the kingdom Fungi and is categorised in the Phylum Basidiomycota.

There are many types of mushrooms but only a few humans can consume without any harm. Mushrooms generally have a fleshy texture and produce spores in the form of pollen, which is further scattered by wind to different regions. After settling, a mushroom is matured in arms of nature i.e. either in soil or in wood.

The most common type of mushroom which is spotted in every kitchen is called “Agaricus bisporus” which is formed of three main parts “stipe” meaning the stem, “pileus” the cap and “lamella” the gills.

Edible Fungi

All mushrooms are not edible as they grow in the wild. There are only fourteen types which are safe for consumption including Cremini, Morel, Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, White Button, Portobello, Beech, King Trumpet, Black Trumpet, Chanterelle, Hedgehog, Maitake and Porcini mushrooms. 

Are you still questioning the popularity of Mushrooms?

Indeed mushrooms are wild but on a large scale are a favourite option in many countries. China is the largest producer of edible mushrooms. These little wild varieties are filled with vitamins and fibre having a nutritious effect on our bodies. Nowadays, the increasing popularity is due to the trend of plant-based diet.

They are free from fat and keeps your cholesterol levels in moderation. Its texture feels more like meat, of course, this is a vegetarian dish. It is mostly loved due to its wild natural growing where not much attention and care is required. It is only disliked as an exception for some who are allergic to it.

How to Identify a rotten Mushroom?

1. The colour appears dark than the actual appearance.

2. Bad odour and a slimy feel upon touching.

3. Present in storage for more than 14 days and have wrinkles on them or withered patches.

Precaution is better than cure – If your mushrooms are spoiled do not take any chances, throw them away as they can make you sick.

How to Prepare Mushrooms?

Most mushrooms are covered in dirt as they mostly grow in soil or near the base of the trees. Immersing them in a lukewarm bath for 5-10 mins before handing mushrooms is a good way to start.

Sautéing them in some oil and butter topped with some fresh herbs and seasoned with salt and pepper is the simplest way you can prepare these tasty vegetable.

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