About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic food lovers who aim to present your food/ hospitality business to your customers, on a well-designed platter. We are young, ready to adapt, and are driven by passion to help your business grow to new heights. 

Our team’s collective experience helps us identify the windows of opportunities specific to your industry and act on them without any delay.

Our journey so far has brought us face to face with some amazing talents in the industry. These professionals helped us understand more about this dynamic industry and get better at our game.

The Team

Ghana Tirpude

A post graduate from Anglia Ruskin University (International Marketing and Innovation), driven by a keen business sense and passion for food and cooking. 

Coming from the family that runs the Yugantar Education Society Trust which has many colleges under it, including the Premier Hotel Management institute for the last 25 year, Ghana is well equipped with an innate knowledge of business administration and operations- which are the back bone to any successful venture.

Her own experience in hospitality industry on foreign soil (UK) has helped her understand the dynamics of the food and hospitality industry better.

With taste buds inherited from her father and business knowledge inherited from the whole family, she realised a demand in the market and is endeavouring to fill it with Cuisine Canvas.

Don Paul Anthony

With a Diploma in Graphic Designing and Web Master (Loyola Institute of Business Administration) and a Diploma in Media Technology (Karunya University), Don can create customised digital media content to suit your needs. 

His passion for creating unique and impressive digital content helped him become the producer for international programs, from being an assistant editor, in just 4 years.

16 years of experience in this field (ranging from a small burger joint to multinational conglomerates) has taught him the nuances of this industry and helped him realize what the need of the hour is, to make any business a success in today’s digitalized world. 

With brilliant editing skills, he can not only transform your ideas into a digital presentation but can also do wonders with your existing digital content, thereby saving you time and money!

Why The Food Industry?

The food industry, valued at $8.7 trillion worldwide, comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. We at Cuisine Canvas have dedicated our resources in understanding those complexities and offering tailor made solutions to the businesses operating within the spectrum of this mammoth industry. 


Oh we love food in all its forms! Hence, we wanted to go that extra mile and help the minds behind those delicious concoctions so that their dreams can come alive. Cuisine Canvas aims at filling the void in industry specific information and services. This ensures the food industry entrepreneurs, are not mislead into following the same business practices as other conventional businesses. 


Cuisine Canvas aims at being the ONE STOP SERVICE SHOP for all things food/ hospitality industry.


We at Cuisine Canvas have collaborated with the best in the media industry and have formed long lasting relationships with the food industry professionals. This helps us leverage industry specific knowledge to help businesses like yours to operate and grow systematically and sustainably. 

Starting any business is not just challenging but is overwhelming too. We are here to ensure your food/hospitality business journey is smooth right from inception and simply straightforward throughout.

Come, Let Us Paint Your Culinary Dream, Together.

Sincerely, Team Cuisine Canvas