Media House

We are a media house that can step in for your media production requirements, anytime. Everything is customisable to suit your needs to ensure your ideas are translated into a digital representation. Be it from the start, in-between or just in specific areas, if you need help, we are the right team for you!

Wondering what we are talking about? Here is a brief:

Client Meet & Research

An in-depth meeting with our client helps us understand what they want and more importantly why they want it. With this knowledge we create time bound content that addresses the specific audience in mind. The feasibility of the project is understood well in this step.


The media content can be either 

  • in-house (graphics, animation, up-scaling existing content, etc,)
  • At a location that will be finalised after an inspection by the production team to check for feasibility and requirements

A script is readied and once approved by the client, the production crew is put together to ensure a smooth sailing. 


The content is shot as per the pre-approved production plan, after prepping the location to suit our requirements on the day of the shoot. Though a shot log will be followed, additional content can be shot based on time availability and requirement.


After the basic edits, voice-overs, animations and audio is created for the content shot, it is sent to the client for approval. The necessary changes are made to suit the requirements and material available. The approved content is then processed and exported in different formats (Full HD, Social Media and Digital). 

We can also post and publish the content on various platforms as mentioned in our services earlier, if required.

“I didn’t want to just work within Hollywood when I started a production company. I wanted to be able to collaborate with great artists from all over the world.”

— Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“I believe the digital world presents tremendous opportunities for the producers who understand it, and I am launching a digital production company, iMan Productions, to take advantage of this opportunity.” 

— Ian Ziering